An Indian Summer – The Final Post

The End

Our final group presentations about the trip impressed the Indian students and we all got a little emotional after Mostyn spoke about the visit to the old people’s home. It was cool to hear about other peoples thoughts and opinions on the stuff that we have experienced!

Following the daytime presentations and certificates from GD Goenka and our volunteering partners, Katha and Amar Jyoti we had an evening of performances. Indian students showed off their talent until about 8pm, then it was out then. The mash up of ridiculous classic dancing songs featured us throwing some shapes to the likes of the Macarena, Saturday night, Jai Ho, the birdy song and Greece lightening. I think we had more fun than the people watching!

Our journey home on Saturday began at 9.30am. We just made check in, boarded the plane basically straight away and chilled on board for our 9hour flight. I’ve just been running across London, jumping on trains and tubes in order to get back to Loughborough at 10pm. It’s past 1am on my clock, but the trip was incredible, so worth it!

India is an amazing place. So culturally diverse, colourful, busy and beautiful. I’ve made some great friends and thoroughly enjoyed my time there. Bye bye India, it’s been a pleasure!


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