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It happened to me four years ago, and I can’t believe how time has flown, yet this year my little sister is moving out and going to University! Back when I did the same she was jealous of the massive Tesco home shop we did for pots and pans, plates, bedding and towels. Today she got to do her own! It’s such a good place for a shop like that as you can pick quality and price depending on what you want to buy, for example we got a measuring jug for just 45p, what a bargain!

Rach got a gorgeous set of red poppy plates and bowls, whilst I eyed up this cute purple poppy pattern. When I chose my plates in 2009 I picked some black ones, which I’ve since realised isn’t the most appealing colour to eat a meal from. Tesco, Ikea and Wilkinson’s are great places to get cheap stuff for moving out to university, things will be stolen, broken and dirty whilst in student halls and houses so better not to spend much on these things!

I’m looking forward to moving down to London next month with my friends Lauren and Grace, so we can make the flat our own, rather than a messy student flat, we’re going to be “young professionals” as it is called. My friend here at home is in the process of buying her own house, which although seems crazy, I’m really jealous that she’ll be able to decorate and furnish it exactly how she wants. 
Here’s a wish list of things I’d love for my home in the future, what would be on yours? 

From Left to right: Water Hyacinth Shelf Basket – £7.50, Tesco | Hemnes Dressing Table – £190, Ikea | Dresser – £199, eBay | Emmie Kvist Cushion – £10, Ikea | Crackle Glass Bin – £30, Next | Set of three Ditsy Tins – £10, Next 


  1. August 19, 2013 / 8:57 pm

    Thank youuu 🙂 looking forward to it!

    Sarah x

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