Hey there

I’m Sarah, a twenty something book hoarder and travel lover…

…sharing real & fictional escapism. I’m particularly passionate about being as authentic as possible in all my writing, whether that’s travel tips, book reviews or just general life chat.

I’ve always found a way to travel whilst working full time, whether that was cheap flights and 48 hours in Copenhagen or squeezing in a trip to Bolivia AND Peru into a two week holiday. However in 2019, I was fortunate enough to take time off work and travel South East Asia for a few months, which was literally a dream come true. Since my return I’ve been living up North in the UK and trying to find my feet again in the “real world”.

When I’m not blogging you can catch me reading, drinking coffee, looking for sustainable products to use or pushing my bodily limits in YouTube yoga videos of cute girls on beaches (wishing it was me).

Note: Despite the circumstances I'm continuing to share my travel content from my trip last year. We don't know how the future of travel looks but we can all dream about destinations we'd like to visit in the future.

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