Inter-rail Summer 2012 – Amsterdam

Euro-tripping – Summer 2012

First stop Amsterdam

Coming to Amsterdam with your boyfriend is proving a different experience to my trip in December with the girls.

We’re staying in a hostel boat at the top of the city, just near central station. The room was cheap but is tiny, and I nearly melted away with the heat last night… Other than that it’s in a great location and the owner is friendly and helpful.

Last December we spent the weekend “going hard” as we liked to call it, after very limited sleep. There was drinking, coffee shops and cow onsies as standard.

But this time…

Yesterday Tom and I strolled around the city, attempting to get our bearings. This was followed by the delights of the sex museum. Literally the most bizarre collection of sexually related objects I have ever seen… And saying that, this is the only one I’ve seen.

We had dinner in a chinese, traditional dutch of course… But in our defence it was recommended on a travel app. Tom’s first experience of the red light district was highly entertaining.. Exclaims of the girls’ attractiveness and how weird the whole situation is. Compared to December the area was heaving with red windows and tourists; shocked, entertained and intrigued by the norm here in the dam.

Riding bikes around the city was on Tuesday’s agenda. Despite our best efforts to find museumplein, we ended up in pretty vondelpark. After some map reading skills were put into action, we finally found our way to museumplein and the large i Amsterdam sign that is a key tourist photo opportunity!

A walk around the vicinity, was followed by a trip up to the flea market at waterlooplein. I snapped away with my SLR at interesting things (e.g those clogs) and Tom looked decidedly more bored. We ran for cover in a bar just across from the market as the heavens opened.

When the rain had cleared we headed back up to nieuw markt to find a coffee shop. Just near the red light district, here there was girls ready to go, early on!

Dinner later in the evening was based on advice from trip advisor and we enjoyed some Dutch pea soup, at a traditional brown cafe. Amsterdam is such a diverse and vibrant city which gives visitors and locals the opportunity to easily access experiences they couldn’t anywhere else. Assuming we survive the sauna cabin for another night, we’re headed on our first train journey tomorrow!


View from our hostel boat

With the Amsterdam S

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