One night in Venice

Arrival in Venice after a treacherous night train journey .. Ok, it wasn’t too bad, but little sleep and some loud French people ensured we were both tired the following day. Luckily the hotel was down the road from the station and got our room straight away. Showers, and somewhere to dump our heavy bags, heaven!

For transport we forked out €29 for a ticket, we planned to make the best use of the water buses after that! On the 5.1 bus we headed around to the Lido for some time at the beach. It was hot, so we just chilled all afternoon, people watching and reading. There were some sights to be seen out there!

For dinner we headed down the grand canal on the waterbus, taking in the sights. We found a restaurant from trip advisor which was priced well and had good recommendations. Bruschetta to start, followed by some Ravioli for Tom and pasta with a fresh tomato sauce for myself.

Our final day, Saturday. After sorting out our bus ticket to the airport we headed onto the waterbus towards St. Marks Square, the iconic square which holds the bell tower and the Basilica, a beautiful church. We paid €8 to go to the top of the bell tower a look at the view, took some photos and chatted to a slovakian couple.

This was followed by a gorgeous ice cream. Never had lemon ice cream as good as that! Mmm. We wondered through the streets of Venice, taking photos of the run down houses, little bridges and the Canals that run in between.

Unfortunately our lunch at a pizzeria infuriated us. Despite the pizza being really tasty, we were charged for breadsticks we hadn’t wanted or eaten (these went into my bag for later) and a service charge of 12%..After this, we didn’t even get our change! Having budgeted for a cheaper meal, we ended up with 30cent left!

To cheer ourselves up I withdrew cash and we got another ice cream! Back on the water bus we headed up the Grand Canal, taking in the sights and snapping some pictures.

Despite having visited Venice twice before, it was great to go again and take photos with the SLR. Although it was very expensive for the travel, food and sightseeing for a couple on a budget, it is however a one of a kind place you’ve got to see and enjoy!

Our final travel destination was the airport… A flight to the rainy UK to end our trip!

The Clock Tower in St Marks Square, Venice

View from the Clock Tower in St Marks Square, Venice

View from the Clock Tower in St Marks Square, Venice

The Clock Tower in St Marks Square, Venice

Gorgeous Canals, Venice

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