The Night Train – An Experience I’ll never forget…

The Night Train, Warsaw – Budapest

The night train was a one of a kind experience. A small cabin, with ceilings higher than the boat in Amsterdam. I was nervous for the journey as we had read some horrible reviews online about this journey, people getting robbed and some violence. We were quite confident this wouldn’t happen though as we read some good reviews too… For safety we paid for a two person cabin, to avoid dreaded thieves.

We got off to a bumpy start and handed over our tickets to the train manager (quite normal, to avoid disturbances during the night). The cabin was hot, but the window made the curtains flap around everywhere.

The toilet was an interesting experience.. Pretty old and and had a huge hole that fell into a black pit. In the morning I realised that the pit was actually the tracks beneath us! I’d alway assumed trains
stored this kind of thing, apparently not I’ve now found out.

We managed to fall asleep, me on the top bunk and Tom underneath. I don’t know how, because everytime the train slowed down it made horrible screeching noises.

I spent the night half awake and half asleep, concerned I might fall off the bunk and into a heap on the floor.

In the morning (luckily) we got our tickets back and a hot chocolate and croissant! We arrives into Budapest at 8.35am after an erm interesting night trying to sleep on a east European train!

A good way to get between countries without using a day up.. Also it only counted as one travel day on our interrail ticket. I guess you just got to be careful with your stuff if you’re with other people in a cabin. For our next night train we’ve just got seats for 12hours.. No doubt that will be a completely different journey altogether!

Our Night Train Cabin

The Night Train Sign

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