An Indian Summer – Post 1

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India – day 1/2

31st Aug – 1st Sept

Trip with Lancaster University to stay at a partner University just south of New Delhi.
And so the journey to India began with a run for the train on Friday 31st August, which I clearly timed down to literally the last minute.

A swift train to London Euston, which included some light entertainment from a man who asked my advice on his profile. A few minutes and a couple of comments later we had updated his profile picture and bio, next he was emailing girls asking to get to know them. An entertaining end to that part of the journey.

After finding Caitlin, we headed onto the tube towards heathrow airport, passing my old tube stop from the last year! In the Virgin Atlantic area we found our group, after a while we were able to check our bags in and head through to the departure lounge. The flight was uneventful, it was great to have some films to watch, socks to wear and earplugs. I think we all had a few hours sleep, before they served us some breakfast and we had arrived in Delhi at 11am local time, Saturday 1st September.

GDGWI, G D Goenka World Institute was our destination for the next 3 weeks. We were picked up and headed south to the campus. Our journey was around 90mins and we got to see experience the delights of the Indian rain and the scenery en route. Cows are sacred in India due to their religions here, so there was a number of cows on the side of the road!

The yellow buses we travelled in

Our afternoon involved a curry lunch, exchanging money to rupees and learning about the plans for the coming 3 weeks! There was a lot of times and plans to take in, but luckily we have everything written in a gorgeous purple and gold folder!

There was a confusion between tea and dinner, so not everyone was sure what was going on, but eventually we got unpacked and had chance to sleep after a very long day!

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