An Indian Summer – Post 10

Animal hunt at Katha – Wednesday 12th September

Another day at Katha today. Grace and I proposed our green school ideas to the teacher. Plan of action for the lesson was to start completing the ‘Land’ section of the green project. First thing first, was measuring the area of the school. After acquiring a tape measure from the sewing department downstairs, myself, Grace, Parminder and two boys from the class got to work measuring the school, length and width ways. Once we had completed the calculations, we headed back up to the rest of the class, who were quietly finishing off the posters we started last week. I swear no English classroom would ever be that quiet whilst the teacher was out the room!

Next was to find different species of animals on the school premises. The kids named allsorts that they had seen, cats, dogs, eagles, crows and flies, so myself and Grace set off with a few of the kids to take photos. We managed to see a squirrel, lizards, and a number of different birds. Climbing onto the roof and looking down into the neighbourhood we saw dogs and crows. The kids were so excited and we spent ages looking for different species! The plan was to later use the photos to draw sketches of the animals for a scrapbook!

Dancing with the class

Dancing with the class

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