Jaipur | An Indian Summer – Post 11

Saturday 15th September – Jaipur – “I give you very good price”

As getting up really early and leaving later than we have planned has become normal, we were en route to Jaipur at about 8am. 2 hours later we were sleepy and stuck in traffic.

A further 6 hours later we arrived at Jaipur. We serenaded our arrival with our version of Jai Ho (you are my destiny), Jaipur (you took so long to get here). The red fox hotel was pretty nice, and we had a very late lunch. As we had arrived so late we didn’t have chance to visit a beautiful (birla) temple, so we headed into the markets instead. The coach dropped us off, and we walked for a while, past the Albert Hall, negotiating the traffic and attempting to avoid death! The way to cross the road is to basically walk boldly out into the traffic, and hope that cars, tuk tuks and bikes will stop!

Luckily we made it in one piece and set off for bargaining in textile shops and for other Indian goodies and souvenirs! It was hilarious, bargaining with the market sellers! We had been advised to go at least half the price they offer, which meant that with some persistence we got stuff really cheap! Bargaining with the bargain queen, Nancy, I got a scarf from 850 rupees to 300! The trick is to walk away and eventually they’ll call you back! So funny! When you first request the price they’ll often say “I’ll give you very good price”, and precede to avoid telling you how much money they want.

The textile and jewellery colours were gorgeous and everyone managed to get some bargain scarves, pants, and gifts for family and friends!

Jaipur Textiles

Trying on Sarees

“For skinny people there are many pleats, for bigger people less. For elephants, probably only one pleat” – this made me laugh whilst trying on a sari – Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Colourful Bangles


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