An Indian Summer – Post 13

Delhi Day – Beth’s Birthday!

Tuesday 18th September

After an exciting ride on the Delhi Metro, we spent the morning bargaining with uncooperative market stall owners in Dilli Haat. This was followed by a trip to the metro once again, each of us collecting tokens and heading down to the platforms. We jumped on the train and headed to Rajiv Chowk, from here we walked and attempted to avoid traffic in order to meet up with some tour guides who were from a charity called Salaam Baalak. They are an organisation who help young street children have a home and find their families!

After a small tour and explanation around and about the area, we headed into one of the buildings that housed young boys and played with them for a while. Clapping games and thumb wars took place, and following loads of photos we noticed some of the cheeky little boys had grabbed some of the girls boobs, so funny! The tour guides told us their touching and inspiring stories, many of them were finishing high school and had future plans to go to university. Such an achievement for many who had once been on the street!

Playing with the kids

Playing with the kids

We stopped off for a drink in an elaborate bar, sang happy birthday to Beth, whilst she enjoyed a margarita!

Our evening was spent at the Habitat Centre, where we had some talks and interactions with an Indian lecturer from Lancaster and an ex Lancaster student called Stephen King, who is now the general manager of Virgin Atlantic India. It was funny to hear his interpretation of Indian culture and to know that it was similar to ours! He also told us about his roles and responsibilities within Virgin, but within the Indian context.

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