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Katha is one of those organisations that have thought of everything. From the training courses for mothers, to the crèche where they can leave their little ones. As a publishing house, the organisation publishes books in Hindi and English and translates from a number of other languages. After visiting a Katha bookshop in Delhi, we headed to one of the schools out in the slums.


Outside of the Katha Building

The building was misleading from the outside, an incredible miss match of a building, with court yards, two floors high and catering for all abilities, from the crèche up to 18 years. Rather than following a standard curriculum, the school plans and delivers maths, science, English etc around a theme. This year it’s the sea; the walls and classrooms are decorated with octopuses, fish and waves. Its an amazing place. The kids were so excited to see us, they waved and smiled enthusiastically from the classrooms.

After a tour of the building, we were introduced to a number of sea themed projects that we are going to have the chance to contribute to. ‘Save the turtles’, ‘Green project’, ‘new technology’ and ‘coastal hazards’ are just some of the titles that were offered. Our group of around 15, have the chance to help the children with the projects and add our knowledge and advice from our experiences. I picked the ‘Green Project’, as I’m passionate about recycling as my housemates in the past will know.

Later on, Wednesday evening we celebrated ‘Teachers day’, and ‘Freshers night’. There was some dance performances, a fresher king and queen competition and then dancing Bollywood style in the hall till 10.45. Understandably no one had been drinking, yet everyone was so enthusiastic, the Indian students giving it all they had. We danced away, bringing out some of the moves we had learnt in the class! Great fun, much better than the sugarhouse! Personally, I think a Bollywood night there would go down a treat!



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