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Katha Day 2

Day 6 – Thursday 6th September

In a windy classroom on the 2nd floor of the Katha school, myself and Grace had our first lesson with the class, we got started with some further work for their green project. The teacher asked us how we could collect and recycle the rain water that falls on the flat roof. With no money, this task is a big challenge, so Grace and I promised to do some research online for the following week, as we were pretty clueless as to how to help!

The children knew some English, they introduced themselves and many said they liked cricket! We spent some time creating slogans for posters that the class could use for a rally in the community, in order to promote being green; reduce, reuse, recycle. We had paper and pens, and created posters with drawings, English on one side and Hindi on the other. The last 30 minutes I spent interacting with the boys, drawing pictures to communicate and telling them about England. It was genuinely the most fun I’ve had all trip! They’re so enthusiastic, calling me ma’am, plus, I had impressed them as one of the Goenka students had taught me some Hindi, they thought I was hilarious doing an impression of all the honking cars.



Once we had finished, we headed down the road to the slums, to get a feel of the environment that our children had come from. It was an eye opening experience, like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I made the decision not to take photographs, as I wanted to respect their lives and way of living. After a walk down the road with a cow, we jumped back on the bus.

Our afternoon was spent In the Katha bookshop, followed by a trip to the mall. It was a complete contrast to the area we had just been in. It’s an incredible difference, and it’s amazing to be able to see and experience so many cultures and different lifestyles in one state.

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