A Weekend in the Big Smoke – Part 3

Exhausted after two really busy touristy days we left our bags at Euston station and headed up to Camden in the sunshine, along with everyone else! It was the perfect, sunny finish to the weekend we needed before we chilled out on the train back to Liverpool.
I’ve been lucky this weekend as my Dad lent me his 18 – 200 mm lens, which has been great for doing close ups and practising shallow depth of field. I have an 18 – 55mm and a 55 – 200mm however for ease this was fab as I didn’t need to change them around. I love photographing markets like this one as there is so much colour and so many interesting people to take pictures of. These are the best pick of the photos I took on Sunday!






  1. April 18, 2013 / 4:55 pm

    Beautiful pictures!! Mmm, that kimbap roll looks good!

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