Life in Monochrome

One of the photography society members Matt Fleming recently gave us a great talk about his photography, his inspirations and his plans to become a professional photographer now he has finished University. After some banter from the group Matt gave a 20minute presentation on “The Decisive Moment”. His inspirations include Henri Cartier-Bresson, Tim Hertherington, Daido Moriyana, Larry Burrows, Jan Grarup and Steve McCurry each who have a really unique style of photography. It was interesting to hear some names of famous photographers as I’ve not really taken much interest in the photography of others.
Matt discussed the importance of documenting the moment and making the ordinary, extraordinary. As you can see in some of his photos he has really captured the moment in a way I wouldn’t think to. One thing that Matt loves is taking photographs of strangers. His photo collection includes a number of pictures of people he’s met around Lancaster and beyond. Some of these he’s talked to and some he’s just caught in what he calls the “decision moment”, that moment when you see exactly what you want to capture in your image. 
© Matthew Fleming


© Matthew Fleming


It was really great to hear about how Matt goes about photographing people and things, and the interesting point he made about Black and White photography, sometimes the colour can just detract from what’s important in the photo. He’s really inspired me to think in B&W sometimes and make the most of that moment in order to get a great picture.
Here are some of my photos that I have readjusted into black and white which I have found actually create a better photograph, based on what I have learned from Matt. You can view Matt’s photography on his Flickr and website.
Ashton Memorial, Lancaster
Vintage Cameras, Camden Market
Coffee, Dublin

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