An Authentic Bavarian Experience

Having been into Bierkeller a couple of times before for a drink or two in the downstairs area, I wasn’t sure what to experience when it came to the Bavarian Experience we had booked for Lauren’s birthday.
Upon entering the room located above the normal bar and next to their sports bar, we were greeted by rows of long wooden tables. We had paid for a table which included a 2 pint stein, a shot upon arrival, a fresh pretzel and a live Oompah band! Settling down around the table we were unsure what to expect with regard to the band but by 10pm we were clinking glasses, leaning forward and backwards and left and right and up and down with the strangers either side of us. 
The band has us cheering, laughing and dancing on the benches. Some of us were drinking beer like it it was water and we washed it down with a tasty but surprisingly salty pretzel. 
The rest of the evening/early hours of the next morning were spent drinking and having a surprising amount of fun dancing on the benches, a much more entertaining way to spend an evening. Meanwhile in the adjacent rooms men watched the sports and other people enjoyed themselves, but I’m pretty sure it was no where near as fun as our evening!
It was great fun however the pretzels were a little salty, but there was more than enough beer to sort out that problem! 
You can find out more information about Bierkeller Liverpool online.

Steins bigger than our heads!

Everyone dancing on the benches, Oompah band in the background.

Salty Pretzels.
Photos off my iPhone this time around.


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