Let’s go to the Dark Room and see what develops…

Very last minute, as mentioned in a previous post, I managed to get a quick use out of the University dark room, developing a roll of black and white film I had shot on my dad’s old Nikon F100. It was an interesting learning curve as gradually learned not to look down at the back of the camera to view it after every shot, and made decisions about whether or not scenery or people were worth one of my precious 36 shots. I used up the roll around Lancaster and Blackpool, and myself and Matt headed to the dark room in the last week of term where I developed the film. We later did a couple of prints, however these did not prove to be as successful as I had hoped.

Test prints on the wall in the dark room.
Trays filled with developer, water and fixer.



My negatives.


This week however, I photographed the negatives from my roll of film and edited them into a more acceptable looking images. The negatives were very grey, flat and lacking in contrast, however a session on photoshop created some much punchier, contrasting shots. These are a few of the best!

Coffee at the Hall, Lancaster.



The Music Rooms, Lancaster.


Lancaster town centre.

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