Travel Photographer of the Year!

In London last week I headed over to the Royal Geographical Society on Exhibition Road not too far from South Kensington underground station. There are over 200 photographs on display from the 2012 competition, young photographers as young as 11 years old, professionals, amateurs and those who just love to capture the moment be it with a compact camera or even a phone.

The exhibition is free to anyone and is open until 18th August. The images are displayed in their categories, which can get a little confusing at times due to the layout, but the “Journey Five” book which complements this years competition displays all the images beautifully and is a great book to look at for travel photography inspiration. Each photograph has a short paragraph written by the photographer to explain the story behind the people or wildlife featured in their image. Discussion of technical details were often included, for example the heron below, the photographer, Sue Flood talked about how she had originally taken a lot of photos using a fast shutter speed, however she felt the by using a longer shutter speed she could better capture the spirit of the bird in action!

© Sue Flood – Special Mention, Best Single Image in a Portfolio – Wild Planet
© Michael Theodric, Indonesia, age 10.
Winner of Young Travel Photographer – 14 years and under – Places and Faces.


© Carlos Esteves, Portugal – Special Mention, Best Single Image in a Portfolio – Journeys.
The 2013 competition is currently open accepting entries in a number of different categories. To find out more details, enter or see this years winners visit for more information.


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