Some beats in Brixton

Last night my friends and I checked out what Brixton had to offer us, as being within walking distance from our house it’s a pretty great spot. Brixton Village was buzzing with people sitting outside all the small restaurants, eating, drinking and having a good time. We’d heard great things about Honest Burger, but apparently so had everyone else and they were booked up until close.

Luckily we managed to squeeze ourselves onto a red checkered table at “Agile Rabbit“, a tasty looking pizza place. The pizzas were fantastic, thin bases (my favourite), one with ham and mushroom and the special of the day which was littered with Palma ham, rocket and Parmigiano-Reggiano. There was a live band just opposite where we were sitting, which livened up the atmosphere even more, was great to see them playing just for the fun of it!



A bottle of wine later we hit “DogStar” for a a couple more glasses of wine and some dancing on the packed dance floor. It was a great fun, and as commented by some irish guys in the queue, people were dancing until the lights came on at 4am! Wine wasn’t too badly priced when buying by the bottle, however a friend did manage to spend £75 from buying rounds with her friends.


We’re definitely looking forward to testing some more of the food and drinks spots in Brixton. It’s got a great atmosphere so no doubt I’ll have loads more to post about it!


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