Jammin’ in Jalouse

Last week I was invited to join Laura Hyatt (heroine in heels), to a nightclub in Mayfair where she had been offered a free table. My flatmate Lauren and I met Laura and her friends at Oxford circus and headed down to Jalouse. It was really busy as it was Eve’s (the one with the paw prints on her boobs) after party for what I can only assume was a gig somewhere. We waited quite a while then paid a £20 entry fee and were finally shown to our table. 

As we had arrived pretty early we had the opportunity to watch as everyone else as they arrived, tall, short, boys and girls, there was a huge variety of people there in all sorts of outfits. I love to see what other people wear and it was very entertaining here. 

As the club filled up we were supplied with vodka by our table rep Josh. The atmosphere got a lot more lively as people got drunk and danced on the sofas and chairs. The music was a mix of Commercial RnB, which was fun to dance to, however some of the people were a bit pretentious! 

Overall we had a really fun night despite the fact that those grey goose vodka kind of clubs aren’t really mine and Lauren’s scene. I always feel uneasy sitting around with ice buckets and bottles of vodka, but it was an fun experience hitting up Eve’s party, despite the fact her entourage blocked the route to the loo. It’s a good laugh going to try these new places especially if there’s free drinks involved! 

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