Beating the January blues..

January isn’t the most pleasant of months, in fact the Monday just gone was named this year’s blue Monday, calculated as the most depressing day of the year by some bizarre formula, according to wikipedia, see here for some ‘evidence’.

Despite this, I’ve been powering on through trying to keep to new years resolutions, which included no alarm snoozing and healthy eating. During my second week of healthy eating I ended up having chicken katsu curry three times. It all got a bit too much for me I think. There’s only so much spinach salad with lemon and olive oil and variety of complementing salad items I can handle. Monday’s tend to be good, I go to the gym and do all my physio exercises really well. By Thursday I’m in the pub just near work having a few glasses of wine, so I’m glad I didn’t attempt to do dry January, that would have been a disaster.
Two weeks ago, I was in said local pub with some work colleagues and just near closing we found out that Pixie Lott was upstairs. Where I work on South Bank, is just next to the ITV studios, so Pixie and her mum, dad, manager etc were all having a few drinks in the private room at the pub. She popped down and had a chat with the few of us that were left at the bar. Not only was she absolutely gorgeous in real life, but an absolute babe, and did a really good interested voice when I told her what I did at work. After a photo, we told her to come back down next week and join us.

Last Sunday was a gorgeous day, so with my new found ability to walk again I took my camera out into central and took a few snaps. Green Park was looking gorgeous in the sunshine and I joined the crowds of tourists being annoying with their camera outside Buckingham Palace.


I lost my bearings around the side of Buckingham Palace and ended up wandering around in unchartered territory. I ended up in Victoria and went into the Nightingale Cafe to warm up with a couple of coffees and a read of my book. The book I am reading currently is the thriller by Gillian Flynn – Gone Girl. I’ve found it really hard to get into but there has been a few twists of late that have really hooked me in. The Cafe was cosy and looked as if it had been a chemist in a previous life. The wall was lined with gorgeous little drawers that may have once been filled with lotion and potions, and the toilets were down a very tiny, steep set of stairs with some detailed, patterned tiles decorating the bathroom.



Hoping to find some more individual cafes across London in the next few weeks. Costa and Starbucks are all very well but non of those have unique details or history hiding in the old decor that give the cafe it’s atmosphere and character.

Meanwhile if you’re feeling the January blues, check out this guy David Thorne – in particular I like the article about the Debt and the Spider, the neighbour who doesn’t get invited to the party and the snowboard advertising story. In other news, Buzzfeed today indulged my love of London Transport with this article on The Definitive Ranking of London Tube Lines and The 26 Greatest Fake London Underground Signs.


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