Festive Films

As I recently hurt my knee, I’ve spent the last couple of festive weeks sitting watching a lot of TV and films so I thought I’d do some short reviews on a few! 

Skyfall – 2012, Daniel Craig, Judy Dench
Although I saw it at the cinema last year it was great to re-live the excitement of Bond coming “back from the dead” to take on the bad guy, Silva in his revenge against M. There are a few amusing moments, a couple of points when I think why would you do that?! and as usual some unbelievable situations which we all know would never happen in real life, yet Bond comes out of them cool as a cucumber and ready to crack on. The explosive finale might bring tears to a few eyes, but in the end Bond is ready to carry on and beat the next bad guy!
 Easy A – 2010, Emma Stone, Amanda Byrne 
Olive Pendegast is a high school student who accidentally becomes the topic of hot gossip when she lies about loosing her virginity. She creates this persona as the go-to girl for boys who can’t pull, and ultimately gains a notorious reputation for something that she’s not actually doing. The film is done as a webcast confession of what happened as Olive recounts how it got totally out of hand and then finally how she solved it. My favourite part of this film was her family, who were quirky but hilarious, with her dad cracking me up with lines to her adopted brother such as “where are you from originally?”. I loved it’s comedy value and the lessons learnt, rumours really do spread fast in high school! 

Jumper – 2008, Hayden ChristensenSamuel L. Jackson
I was looking forward to watching this film however the ending really disappointed me. I felt that they had either a) run out of ideas about how to get rid of the bad guy or b) completely run out of budget. Despite this, the first action packed hour does keep you interested in the characters, however I couldn’t help thinking how lonely the guy must have been for the first 8 years!
Cloud Atlas – 2012, Tom Hanks, Halle Berry and many more
I had wanted to see this film for a while. It wasn’t a story that I had read, but I was keen to see how they had developed what I had heard as a complex story, into a visual masterpiece. After I watched the film I looked it up on twitter to read other people’s reactions, a lot of which were of confusion. Although it does have a storyline which takes a bit of getting used to, as the scenes jump between the 19th Century, the 1970’s and 2144, it is particularly clever about the way in which the stories link together so effectively, and in turn demonstrates the cyclical nature of life. It was great at the end to see which actors had played the numerous characters across the times, the make-up team did wonders making men look like women, women look like men, as well actors even changing races and ages. I would really recommend the film, and although it may seem confusing it’s worth sticking out until the end. You can always look up the trivia and explantations online, that’s what I did 🙂


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