Eyeing up East London

In the spirit of exploring London and also finding nice coffee, I headed to Shoreditch with my friend to have a look around. Dressed for the occasion in my trainers and baggy jeans, we got off at Shoreditch high Street Overground station and headed towards Brick Lane for a wander around.

In true East London style we stumbled upon a few Vintage shops and pop-up markets. One thing I’ve only ever read about, which we found, is a sample sale, in the Shopaholic books, Becky is forever spending a fortune on designer items at these kind of events! Anyway, we went in and I had to check my bag into a cloakroom type thing, there was an interesting range of both mens and womens designer clothes, some of which were really weird/horrible/I would never wear and everything was very expensive, despite being in the “sale”. After a brief wander around, we headed back out into the cold to find a coffee shop.



In Nude Espresso, the staff were all a little quirky, and it was like being in Manchester with the beard festival that seems to reside in east London. Lovely coffee and chatty waitress though which lead to a chilling atmosphere and a very pleasant time. Around the corner there was a vintage market which I think I have been to before, with a fantastic range of vintage clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. Earlier in the day I had been eyeing up a Barbour style coat in Urban Outfitters, but here they had old ones which had a really cool, old, seen the weather kind of look about them, still £80 though so not for me. I did however purchase said Barbour look-a-like for £58 instead, the following day. Some pineapple cropped tops caught Glyn’s eye, and we both stared at an unfortunately designed Winnie the Pooh patterned shirt with large white bib style panel on the front. Cannot have been vintage as the the material was crisp and there were about 6 of them.. I wonder why.


After battling the never ending line of Indian restaurant promoters who wanted our business (it was like being back in Malia/Kavos with people trying to get you into bars), we managed to find a spot out of the rain to chill with a beer. There are so many more vintage type shops to see in that part of London so I’ll definitely be returning another day to check out the clothes, shops and also the quirky artwork that pops up every now and again on walls!


Meanwhile, check out Blitz Vintage on Hanbury Street, although we didn’t visit the store, we were given a leaflet with a 10% off voucher, and the shop was recommended in last weeks TimeOut magazine! www.blitzlondon.co.uk

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