Roses are RED, Taylor Swift was incredible

Last Monday I was super fortunate to acquire a free ticket to see Taylor Swift at the O2 Arena with my friend Grace. This was exciting for a number of reasons, firstly, I’ve never been to the O2, not even when it was the millennium dome, personally I can’t understand why they only did that for a year, so many people missed out! Anyway, secondly, although I’m not a massive Taylor fan, I am very partial to a bit of trouble or feeling 22 when the time is right, and finally, I really love concerts. Whenever I’ve been to one, I always wonder why I don’t go more, they are literally so much fun, especially when you know all the words!

After a quick subway to keep us going we found our seats and got into the swing of things with the Vamps, who were supporting. One comment on the lead singer’s attractiveness lead us to believe they were a good looking band, but after a quick google of their ages (17-19), we had to retract said comments. It’s ridiculous now that we’re at that age whereby there are successful bands who are so much younger than us. When their final song came on, I wished my friend Lauren had been there as she knows how much I love talking shit when I’ve been drinking. 
At one point the fans on the floor were crowding around someone walking around down there, everyone on the seats were heading down to the barriers to take a look, and in an moment of madness we did the same. Turns out it was just her mum hahah! Taylor came on at about 8.45pm and we were surrounded by screaming fans, mostly girls with huge TS signs, 22’s made of fairy lights and a group on the opposite side of us had made SWIFTYS out of fairy lights.. they didn’t stop dancing all night!
Despite not knowing all of her songs, I had such a fun time! As she actually is our age, me and Grace felt we could totally relate to her songs about love and heartbreak and being 22, cos we are absolutely finding life to be (in the words of Taylor herself) magical and miserable a lot more than the 11 year olds surrounding us. 

I have to admit, I really fell for Taylor. She is such a geek/nerd and but it’s brilliant, she does these funny poses and smiles at the audience a lot. Plus she was super gorgeous, and had amazing legs, even in flats! At one point she was wearing a white t-shirt with a red london bus on, and after a stalk of her twitter later on I saw she was wearing a “I <3 LA” one, when she was in LA. Early in the show she promised the screaming fans a surprise and later on she revealed Emeli Sandé to the crowd and they sang “Next to Me” together! 
I loved the selection of red outfits that Taylor danced about in, and the finale saw her never ever ever getting back together in a sparkly red toy soldier style outfit, on a platform above the crowd! An amazing concert, which has lead to me feel like making the most of feeling 22 for the last two months that I can, and maybe for a while after that too!


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