Amsterdamage – Sure

Innuendoes at the train station “Do you wanna see the large?”, “go on just stick it in”
Jaeger at the airport. Lost boarding pass.

Cancelled trains and a confused group. Platform 1. Platform 2. Up the escalator, platform 3. Down the escalator platform 2. Taxi? Chappy said to get the bus – finally in town.


Hostel? Lost. Hotdog.
Wrong way. Lost again. Data on – google maps?
Bob’s Hostel. Collecting money. Room for 17. One toilet. One shower. 10 keys, Heineken.
Looking around. Drinking Heineken. Burger Bar. Lost and drunk boy(s).
Getting ready. 17 to shower. 17 on three beds drinking.
Party time in Prime. Quiff Richard.
Day two. 17 to shower. €6 breakfast – urgh. Jaeger bombs and Heineken. Half pint Joe.
Sweet shop. Grasshopper. JK cracking us up. Canal cruise – angry captain, rowdy crowd.
Sissi Joe.


Drinks. Some hit the sex museum. Some drank, some ate. Met with the HULK.
Chilling. Drinking. Shisha. Out again – hitting bars and the red light district. Mentally scarred – maid, sailor,  builder, bad boys and bananas. Pizza break.
Drinks and sweaty dancing in da club. Lost en route to Prime
Prime time. More dancing. McDonalds. Hugo Boss joined the team.
Final day. Group Culture. Group Heineken. Games of bullshit. The bar maid in on the game. Being an 80’s rockstar. Sitting in the sunshine. Hotdogs. Heineken. Jaeger.


Collecting cases, pants down, getting the train. Airport. Lost passport. Found passport. Flying back. Feeling rough.


  1. March 15, 2014 / 10:41 am

    Haha, this looks like such a fun trip.

  2. March 15, 2014 / 1:27 pm

    haha thanks, it was pretty funny šŸ™‚

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