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Curtsey of my fabulous friend Grace, I’ve been to a couple of film screenings the past couple of weeks, to see Edge of Tomorrow and Blended. Here’s a short review of them both…

Dir: Doug Liman. Starring: Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton, Brendan Gleeson, Noah Taylor. 12A cert, 113 min.
The Edge of Tomorrow is a pick’n’mix combination of a Matrix style invasion with the repeating style of Groundhog Day; the confusion, benefits and frustration of time travel interlinked with a war with aliens across Europe. 
Naturally I loved Emily Blunt’s powerful female character who, as the iconic figurehead of the war, drove the war and battles with said invaders. Tom Cruise started off as an unlikable chap, Cage, who wasn’t actually that interested in fighting as a PR guru, he claimed he “can’t stand the sight of blood”, yet was thrown into the deep end from the first day. Killed by a monstrosity on the beach, we see Cage awake back in the same day and start over again. The films tag line “Live. Die. Repeat” gives the basics of the film which sees some scenes over and over again, as Cage is killed and starts the day afresh. This newly acquired power gives Cage the chance to win the war by learning from his mistakes each time and trying again. 
It was an entertaining film, with some genuinely funny laugh out loud moments. I personally loved the action that didn’t really have a love story to distract from it, however my friends disagreed and would have preferred a more romantic twist.  

Other reviews have commented on the disappointing ending, however I won’t give the game away and let you decide about this summer action thriller for yourself. 

Director: Frank Coraci, Starring: Drew Barrymore, Adam Sandler. 12A cert, 117 mins
Following the hit films, “The Wedding Singer” and “50 first dates”, Blended is the third time Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler have paired up for a romantic comedy. This film sees two single parents meet on a disastrous blind date, and following this, swearing never to each other again. Adam Sandler plays Jim, a Sport’s store employee who lost his wife to cancer and has no idea what to do with his three girls, and Drew Barrymore plays Lauren, a single mum of divorce with two horror teenage boys, one of which finds it impossible to hit the ball in his school baseball games. Naturally they bump into each other countless times and the final straw ends up with the pair of them and their kids sharing a suite at a luxurious African holiday complex, in a ridiculous situation that occurs via some mutual friends!
The kids from the respective parents benefit from the new found relationships between the family, Jim with Lauren’s boys and vice versa. It was an entertaining film with a few laugh out loud moments to complement the predictable, yet loveable rom com story line. 


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