Ice ice baby | Ice bar, London

Having wanted to visit the Ice Bar in London since I moved there the first time a couple of years ago Lee and I hit it up, the night before my Race for Life, which meant we couldn’t have a big night out but just a couple of cool cocktails.
Costing about £16 for the Icy experience, we arrived 20 mins beforehand and waited for our timed turn into the bar with a couple of groups of rowdy hen parties. Upon entering the bar, those huge robes were thrown over our heads, I’ve honestly seen so many profile pictures of people wearing them, so I had to admit I was a little excited for my furry hood. Not only was there a furry hood, but huge ice proof gloves to ensure you could hold your glass made from ice.
Included in the experience was 40 mins spent in the bar, made completely from ice, and one cocktail, as mentioned served in a little glass made from ice. The experience was pretty exciting, and we took some pretty cool (no pun intended) photos of the drinks and ice wall. Reaaaally recommend going for the experience, however although 40 mins doesn’t sound that long, we were really appreciative of the warm air as we vacated into the normal bar!
To make a booking visit the website here.


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