Over the past few weeks I’ve been training to run my first 10km at the Hyde Park race for life! Since having a fairly unfortunate fall in December and dislocating my knee for the 6th time I needed to rebuild my running abilities, and well, my walking abilities for starters..

Originally I hadn’t thought I’d be fit enough to take part in a run so I signed up to volunteer at a few of the races. The first being Guildford, at which myself and a mate Nicola cheered on the runners at the finish line and handed out bottles of water with a few competitive Guides who were keen to hand out as much water as possible! The second session saw me basking in the sunshine on Clapham Common marshalling at the 4km point for the 10km, which also saw the 5km runners nearly at the end of their run, whereas the 10km runners were a little worse for wear knowing they weren’t even half way yet. Finally Lee and I volunteered after work down at Battersea park and handed out medals to well deserving participants! Considering the cause of the race, each of the events I have volunteered at, and that I took part in were so well organised and such an incredibly happy atmosphere. Families and friends all came to support each other, brought picnics and camped out with food and drinks cheering on the woman as they ran 5 or 10km.


As a tribute to how successful the #nomakeupselfie was, during my training for the 10k I took #raceforlifetrainingselfies using snapchat to document my progress and encourage people to donate to me! As you can see Lauren got involved in a few of the sweaty and memorable moments, as we ran rain or shine and snapchatted our successes.




I managed to do the 10km in about 58mins during training and smashed the original PB. The morning of race came however, and stupidly I had only been training during the evening which meant I wasn’t sure what to eat and how much to ensure I had enough energy to do the race. During the race it was tough. Normally the routes I plan are a full 10km, whereas this was a 5km route twice, which meant at 2/3/4 I could see the signs for 7/8/9 km too – I hated knowing I had to return to the same spot. Despite these little glitches, I managed the route in 1 hours 1 min, which was really pleased with. A few of the guys at worked had challenged me to beat an hour, but they still donated despite my 1 min overtime!



I smashed my donation target by 200%, and raised £405 for Cancer Research! Thank you to everyone that donated, I really appreciate it!
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