Being a tart in Bakewell

Did you know that there is a Bakewell Pudding that is actually the original desert from Bakewell? Apparently, the desert was first made by accident by the cook at the White Horse Inn (now known as the Rutland Arms). The Bakewell tart, made mostly by large commercial bakers (yeah you know Mr Kipling) is shortcrust pastry with a layer of jam and a sponge made from ground almonds, often with icing on. However the pudding (which I personally prefer) is made using flaky pastry, with a layer of jam covered by an egg and almond filling.
So I took Lee this weekend to learn about Bakewell tarts and puddings and see the countryside sights of what is the lovely (however quite touristy) town of Bakewell.
Few shots of the sights below;
One of the three shops/cafe’s that claim to have first invented the pudding!We had such a good cooked breakfast here.

Bakewell Tarts
Bakewell puddings in the window – I bought a large one to bring home for the fam!

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  1. August 30, 2014 / 9:28 pm

    I went to bakewell last year and it's such a cute little city. I much prefer the traditional pudding as well – better than the tarts! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

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