Burger & Lobster, London | Review

My first time. Eating Lobster. Wow it was so good.

At Burger & Lobster there are a few things to point out:
1. You can only book (depending on which location you visit) when there is about 6 of you. Luckily for us, last Saturday, there was. If you’re planning a romantic meal there, unless you arrive early/at a time when noone else is there, you’ve got to queue, according to the website – sorry not sorry.
2. There is a limited menu and it is all £20. Order either a lobster, (steamed and/or grilled), a Lobster Roll or a Burger (hence the name right). That’s the beauty of it, no fuss, pick one, yum yum.
3. Each dish comes with salad and fries. Drinks are reasonably (London) priced, however they add a service charge. Our lunch cost £28 each.
4. Pick lobster, you can eat burgers at some many other restaurant. Lobster is the one. The meat was really juicy and tasty, not particularly fishy as you might expect, and was so good dipped in the lemony, buttery sauce they serve it with!
5. You get to manhandle it with the claw breakers, poke out little extra yummy bits with the prodder thing you get and finally, wear a bib!
Seriously, what’s not to love!
To view locations and not book for small parties, visit the website:


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