Spotting blue birds over the white cliffs…

The photo above was actually quite an accurate representation of Dover and I was genuinely surprised at the town centre and it’s lack of action. However I will give it the benefit of the doubt as it was a visit on a Sunday afternoon that may have made an impact.. it seemed the whole population of the town were gathered in one pub in the square!
Despite these negative vibes in the town centre, we headed down into the Harbour, where you can see all the ferry terminals, cars and lorries awaiting departure. Further down the harbour, having felt a bit peckish we headed into what I thought was a cafe, but actually turned out to be a seafood restaurant with tablecloths and napkins. In an effort to be thrifty, and because those that know me well will know about my unwillingness to eat cod, and that was the catch for the fish and chips, I decided to have a starter, with a side of chips.
I’ve never eaten white bait before, so in my mind they were visualised as a selection of fishy goujons that would be tasty dipped into some ketchup. Alas, those who know whitebait will laugh at my foolish choice, and when it arrived, my face said it all. Lee questioned me, and I awkwardly admitted my assumption. The waitress laughed as I quietly exchanged the bowl of 30 tiny fish for some more appealing calamari.
Following the fish mix up, we headed up to the cliffs to enjoy the view and spend some time watching the logistics of the ferry terminals, guessing which dock each new entrant into the port would pick. Its interesting to learn online following our trip how many ferry companies used to operate in Dover, 8 different routes have been cut over the years, or combined with other services which leaves us now with just three companies operating between here and France. No doubt this is due to the increase in cheap flights, the Channel tunnel and the proliferation of holidays abroad. With the large seaside hotel type buildings, lying empty on the seafront, you can imagine this town to be once thriving, as a brilliant destination to start your trip before you took a ferry to France.
The views of the cliffs were incredible, looking out over the sea and down into the water, where you can see the chalk dissolving and creating a white, cloudy look. There is a castle at Dover too, just up on the hill however it was closed when we visited.
Loved seeing the views and the cliffs, however I wouldn’t recommend the town as a top holiday destination, but perfect for a day out by the sea and a portion of white bait.


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