Things to do in Greenwich

Marvellous scotch eggs and views across the city were in store on my first visit to Greenwich last month. Walking into Greenwich on a gorgeous sunny day, Lee and I headed into the market to have a look at all the hand made gifts and food. There are so many stalls, and I bought a London Underground coaster and checked out the beautiful vintage tea cups which had been filled with candles by Tea Bird; theres a photo below of the jugs and cups.  Those scotch eggs featured below was unreal, and came with some really good salad and cous cous. After stocking up on silver stud earrings we headed into the town centre to have a look at all the beautiful maritime buildings.






We didn’t go into the Cutty Sark to look around, however it was really impressive from the outside. The Cutty Sark is a British clipper ship which was built in 1869, however was one of the last tea clippers to be built. The ship is now listed as part of the National Historic Fleet, which is the equivalent of a Grade 1 listed building. She is one of only three remaining original composite construction ships; a wooden hull on an iron frame. The ship was affected by a fire during it’s restoration, and again just a few days ago!
After we checked out Greenwich Foot Tunnel ^^, we had a look at the beautiful Queen’s House below, which had lovely flooring and spiral staircases. This building was commissioned by Anne of Denmark, James I wife. More recently the house is used to showcase fine art in the rooms around the main ballroom.  The final photograph shows Greenwich Mean Time,  this originally referred to the mean solar time at the Royal Observatory and this has been adopted as a global time standard. Loads of people taking photos
Queen’s House
The floor and spiral staircase inside the Queen’s House.



Views from Queen’s House
Greenwich Mean Time

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