10 tips for visiting Majorca out of season

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Visiting Majorca out of season

1. Check when restaurants are closing – the first night we ate at a steak house which then closed two days later. I had my heart set on visiting a cute little tapas bar near the harbour, however the day we planned to go we walked straight past it because it had closed. Devastated.
2. Take an umbrella and waterproofs, maybe wellies too.


3. Also take a bikini and beach towel. Chances are you’ll need beach wear AND an umbrella on the same day.

4. Visit Palma – we went on the sightseeing bus tour and kept out the rain, yet saw loads of gorgeous buildings including the cathedral and the old town.

5. Hire a car – where we stayed was a €80 taxi journey to and from the airport so for just a little more we hired a car which kept us dry and meant that we didn’t have to negotiate the reduced out of season bus time tables too.


6. Explore empty resorts – walking around the an apartment resort in Alcudia that Lee had stayed at when he was younger. It was great fun, weird too as it was so dead and empty but peaceful and interesting to see without the hustle and bustle of people.



7. Take a walk – we didn’t venture too far, however on a gorgeous day there are plenty of hills to walk up and around, beaches to explode and small bars and cafés to find.
8. Speak to the locals – or alternatively ask one of the many English born people that have moved over to Majorca where they hang out at the weekend in your area! Get tips on taxi prices and the best bars and clubs.
9. Play cards – we found a few bars that were open all round, and what better way to relax (rain or shine) than in a bar with a glass of beer or a tasty cocktail!

10. Enjoy how peaceful it really is. No one on the beach, the waves lapping at the shore – holidays really are lovely when it’s just you, and hardly anyone else around.

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