Patty & Bun | Review

Having started out as a pop up burger bar, Patty and Bun have fast become one of the best burger diners in London, demonstrated by the queues outside. Our 30min wait wasn’t too onerous and we soon headed into the small 30 seater restaurant to pick from a simple yet mouth watering menu.

There’s no plates, just paper cups for chips and paper bowls for coleslaw. The simplicity of it means that there is a fast turn around yet we didn’t feel like we’d been rushed in and out. Sauce was all over the wrapper on my “Smokey Robinson” burger and it was really tasty, bacon, caramelised onions, a burger patty that was just pink enough in the middle surrounded by a brioche bun, mmm.



The atmosphere was really laid back, tunes were pumping out of a laptop and the rosemary skin on chips were devine. I’ve read that the ingredients are British where they can be (which is great), so there was no doubt why people were queuing down the road for a table in this simple yet delightful burger joint on James Street. Oh and they do takeaway! Check out the menu here and see loads of great looking burger photos on their website;

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