7 things buzzfeed taught me today

Really valuable morning with Buzzfeed today, hearing about their content strategies, how they measure success and new ways of thinking about digital media. Here are my top 7 takeaways from the discussion with Will Hayward, VP Buzzfeed Europe, and other attendees at the event!

1/ Sharing defines content quality. People could click on your site but when you really add value to your audience they share it with friends, peers and their network

2/ Destinations aren’t as important anymore. People consume content through content aggregation sites, more than ever these days. So what is key is getting your content on the places were they are.. Rather than pointing audiences to look at your website.

3/ Test out different content and learn from the trials. Create 5-10 versions of content and see which is most successful, then use those learnings to create more of that content.

4/ Think positively. A lot of print media, like celebrity gossip magazines, news sites etc often focus on the negative side of the news and content that’s available. But what people really want to share are those entertaining positive stories, like cute pictures of cats paws. I think I sent that to about 10 people..click here to see how cute it really is

5/ Don’t trick people into thinking your content is a great editorial which happens to recommend your brand. The best way to approach sponsored content is to tell an interesting story, and deliver that story as your brand, as advertising. That way it’s clear to readers what you’re trying to do!

6/ Build content for real people. Yes in my brand we might want to target CIOs but they’re still real people and they want content that interest them too!

7/ Build content that creates ongoing conversations, often brands do competitions to win things, which only creates peaks in engagements. What Buzzfeed do is provoke ongoing conversations by provoking people to discuss their content, for example “Don Draper’s women listed best to worst”, this sparks interest, conversation and sharing as people disagree, it is much more long terms than winning a prize for one share. [fancy checking out Don’s girls? click here]

For more entertaining, positive and shareable content you should definitely just visit the buzzfeed site…http://www.buzzfeed.com/

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