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My first authentic experience of Caribbean food was probably at Notting Hill Carnival last bank holiday weekend, jerk chicken, rice and peas – it was a beaut. I haven’t actually had the same meal or style of food since, so, last Wednesday’s taste of the Caribbean at Turtle Bay was fantastic.
I won a re-tweet competition to attend the opening of the Walthamstow branch of Turtle Bay, a chain of restaurants from across the UK who serve up authentic Caribbean food and drink in a laid back style. Here is my list of my favourite Caribbean styled snacks and meals and some photos from the event – it was rum punch all round!
1. Jerk Chicken – marinated wings which are then grilled – great flavours with a little kick of spice that lingers, but in a very pleasant way!  
2. Sweetcorn Fritters – really tasty sweet and crunchy snacks, great with a tangy dip.
3. Sweet Plantain – plantain is part of the same family as the banana, however the difference being these are bigger are require cooking to soften and sweeten them up. Try them cooked with sugar, wrapped in foil until they’re soft.
4. Rice ‘n’ Peas – easy to make and is a great complement to jerk chicken
5. Curry Goat – a popular dish at Notting Hill Carnival, which actually originated from South-Asia but has been more and more popular with English speaking Caribbean countries. A fragrant, yet tomatoey dish served best with rice!
You can try all these dishes and more at Turtle Bay and there are some great cocktails on the menu too. Check out the website to find your nearest restaurant.





Have you ever tried Caribbean food? Fancy trying a recipe yourself?

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