Beautiful Blackpool

I remember my Dad, who grew up just outside Blackpool, saying to me that there was once a time, where bands and musicians had really “made it” when they performed in Blackpool. Seems outrageous now doesn’t it? However the country’s favourite seaside resort, was of course the place to go, back before cheap flights to Benidorm.

So my dad grew up just nearby and so I’ve visited Blackpool many times with my family over my 23 years. I spent the weekend there just after Christmas, and having a Southern boyfriend these days I thought it was best I show him the ropes of the North, afterall Blackpool is an iconic seaside destination. Fantastic timing on our behalf, obviously completely accidental of course, however meant that I captured these sunset pictures on my phone (not great quality, but you get the picture that it looked pretty beautiful right?).
There is a range of fun seaside related things to do up here, notably visit the Tower, take a ride on the Pepsi Max, eat fish and chips and if you come up at the right time of the year (Sept – Nov), you can see the fantastic Blackpool Illuminations, 6 miles in length, featuring over 1 million light bulbs – the illuminations is known as the “greatest free light show on earth”.
Blackpool Tower, which opened in 1894 is 518 feet in height, and was actually inspired by the Eiffel Tower. Beneath the tower itself there is a range of entertainment and leisure facillities, including the Tower Ballroom, which you may have seen featured on Strictly Come Dancing and the Tower Circus. A fantastic show, (my first ever circus experience) which I saw when my graduate ball was held at the tower two years ago. There are three entertainment piers, North, Central and South with rides, amusements and food. The Grand Theatre and the Winter Gardens are two famous entertainment venues which host a fantastic range of theatre which travels the country. The Pleasure beach, home to the Pepsi Max, not to mention Stanley Park and Blackpool Zoo. I once stayed at the red brick Imperial Hotel (I think we had a winter ball there with Uni once), this hotel on the promenade has had Queen Elizabeth 2nd, and Charles Dickens stay there too.
So if you fancy a trip to the vegas of the North, fancy trying your luck in the amusement parks and awing at the lights bulbs that light up this seaside resort, take yourself up there and do enjoy being beside the sea!


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