Get ya skates on

Sarah’s birthday faces the yearly perils of dry January, however as true friends do, on Monday evening we headed out to Canary Wharf, where those who can (I have a bad knee – long story) ice skated at Q Skate – a cool little pop up ice rink with a bar and grill handily next door.

There were typically a few show offs, who kept falling over, we had our star of the show, GJ – former figure skater, and Keeza a skating virgin. Jon and I spectated from the sidelines, whooping and cheering the girls on. Once they had worked up an appetite we headed into the Q Grill for a bite to eat (see photos below, how nice does it look?!) but the chefs had skived off early and left. The area around the square was still looking pretty festive, cute little lights still hung up in the trees, however the reprieve of “all I want for Christmas” gave Jon and I miserable faces.
Not to worry about the lack of chefs, we popped over the square to Parlour, which on our side of the restaurant was a pretty classy dining area, whereas the other side held a variety of boozers clearly drinking away their first day back at the office blues.
I chose the cottage pie, imagining mincey goodness and loads of gravy – to my disappointment it was in fact chunks of beef. Which was actually pretty tasty, especially by the time I got to the bottom, and with my side of sprouts that came with bacon and walnuts (much to some people’s disgust and there was no peas – photos below). The sweet potato fries were a treat, and the BBQ sauce fiery hot. To Lauren’s delight they served gluten free bread, and GJ was pleased with her burger bun replacement; some avocado slices (if you too are in love in avocado click here). After our birthday feast, we headed home, for a much needed rest having done just one day back at the office.
Bring on some more January excitement and Happy Birthday to Chappy!


















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