The Green Room, London | Review

Having seen the plot of land on which the National theatre and Coin Street latest project “The Green Room” restaurant is on, evolve and develop into aforementioned eating location; it is just opposite my office – I was keen to test out the menu and take a look inside.
It’s huge glass windows gives passer bys a view into the whole restaurant, and there are a couple of outdoor areas which will no doubt be very popular during the summer months. Upon arrival you are greeted by a huge box of blankets for those brave people keen to embrace the outdoors at this time of year. The eccentric green theme runs throughout; green books as shelves in the loos, green wine bottle end glasses on the table and complementary green cutlery too. The quirky design features are made from old props from the national theatre and the sustainable outdoor space around was designed and is maintained by the Bankside Open Spaces Trust with volunteers from the theatre and local area.
The menu was simple – a range of different meaty items (hot dogs/burger/steak), calamari for those fish lovers, and for the vegetarians, risotto and veggie hot dogs. Salads and skin on chips on the side are extra, and the home made baked beans sounded great but I’ll have to return to try them.
As you can see below – burgers, steak, a hot dog and calamari all arrived at our table, each enjoyed by their owner. Glasses of white wine were very reasonably priced at £5.50, and served simply; in a clear end of the bottle style glass.
Despite not being a pudding lover, I gave in and shared profiteroles, whilst a baked Alaska (very sweet) was served to the sugar lovers.
Really great, and I would say simple menu – my hot dog had great flavours and the calamari was said to be fantastic. Definitely worth a visit if you’re on the south bank and fancy something different to the chain restaurants that are available near the river by embankment bridge.
Check out the website with the menu and more information right here.

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