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When I was younger I used to love “presenting” our family holiday videos, which looking back were not dissimilar to today’s vlogs that have recently accelerated a number of people my age into youtube fame and fortune (Zoella, Tanya Burr and Charlie McDonnell, just to name a few).
Sadly my presenting career was short lived, and now in IBM marketing I spend time on the other side of the camera. Sometimes it’s my iPhone camera, sometimes my DSLR, however on Monday morning it was a more high tech set, filming the IBM Try Tracker Rugby insights video with Matt Dawson and Mark Durden-Smith.

In a West Brompton winery I met with a colleague and the film crew, who, having been there since 7am had lit the location with some funky, RFU appropriate red lighting. There were screens galore, 5 cameras including a boom cam (one of those ones that pan up and down) and a Welsh director who had only just come to terms with the results of the first 6 Nations game.
First things first, the production meeting took place in a glamorous spot just by the loos. We reviewed the script, which was planned to cover a short a review of the England Italy game, followed by predictions for the England Ireland game this Sunday.
Matt and Mark soon joined us, and whilst been prepped up by our make-up lady we discussed the best additions for the script, what Mark would ask Matt and top comments to support the Try Tracker game predictions.
I explained to Mark and Matt what my involvement was in the 6 Nations, and how we were using these videos in a social media campaign with the Telegraph. Matt kindly offered to retweet content from the big data and analytics twitter account, an offer I jumped at.
With a quarter of a million followers it’s his support that really makes a difference to the reach our IBM/RFU messaging has. One RT later in the afternoon I saw through twitter analytics had reached over 21,000 people, now that’s the power of an external influencer!
If you’re a Rugby fan, you’ll know that Ireland are on top form at the moment having won their last 9 games, and are said to be the best team in the Northern hemisphere. Add that to the fact they’re playing at home on Sunday, England are in for a tough game, and the keys to the game from the Try Tracker say it all.
Despite all that, Matt Dawson has confidence for our home side with a prediction of an England win (which he hasn’t been wrong about yet) by 4 points.


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