Parisian Photography

Here’s some of the photographs I took during my weekend in Paris, a few “alternatives” from the usual key photography spots (although I took those as well)!

Flame at the Arc D'Triomphe

The flame above the grave of the unknown soldier at the Arc de Triomphe which is re-lite at 6.30pm every day. It burns in memory of the dead from both world wars, who were never identified.


Macarons, who’s debut in French history dates back to 1791.


Traditionally there are 350-400 types of French cheese.
Oranges at a local Parisian fruit and veg shop.
View over Paris
The skies brightening over the view from the Eiffel tower. The tower is over 300m tall and the structure is held together with 2.5million rivets.
French Flag
The tricolour flag was permanently readopted after the revolution 1830.
Wedding Feast at Cana

The Wedding Feast at Cana – opposite the Mona Lisa in the Louvre

Paris Streets at night
The green light reflected from a pharmacy down the the street in le Marais.
Art Gallery
Artwork at the Musée National d’Art Moderne
French Exit Sign

escalator tunnel

The escalator in the tunnels on the outside of the Centre Georges Pompidou.

Entrance to the Louvre

The Louvre. The world’s most visited museum averaging 15,000 visitors a day.

Love locks

The history of love padlocks dates back over 100 years.

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