Mel’s, Earlsfield | Review

“I know this great Spanish place we can go for breakfast” said Lee on Saturday morning. It did however turn out that Lee isn’t 100% sure what a Spanish omelette is, all the right ingredients however, but the way that Mel’s cafe did potatoes, chorizo, eggs, pepper and onion was fabulous, but not a classic omelette as Lee had suggested.
We got the last seat at around 11.30am at Mel’s Vintage beats, breakfast and burgers on Garrett Lane in Earlsfield; ordered lattes and some tasty sounding food. Lee went for the works, with sausage, eggs, bacon etc and also including their homemade beans. I read on a review that said the beans were disappointing but they were wrong, these beans were delightful.
My Spanish omelette ingredients, grilled I think, in a cast iron dish, was the perfect combination of flavours; the eggs going gooey on the top as I broke the yolk. A little side of ketchup topped it off, with a sprinkling of pepper.

People came for tables but alas it was too busy. It was peak Saturday brunch time, toast, coffee and eggs all round. The decor was nice, vintage records up on the walls and really friendly staff.

As the name suggests they do burgers and other meals there too, so it’s definitely a reason to return soon as I think cocktails are on the menu too!






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