If you like London, you’ll LOVE Paris

Whilst visiting Paris last month I noticed that there were a few similarities to London. In fact even just the layout of the city made me imagine where we were in comparison to places in the big smoke. So whilst we only visited mostly touristy sites, I wanted to do a comparison, of some great sites in both of these fantastic cities. 
1/ If you like the National Portrait Gallery you’ll love the Louvre. Yes, be prepared for a breathtaking buildings and an incredible range of work from across the ages.  
Mona Lisa


2/ The impressive history of St. Paul’s Cathedral is rivalled by it’s friend Notre Dame over the channel in Paris. With it’s fantastic history that you can learn from exhibitions inside, or alternatively during a tour of the gorgeous insides including those stained glass windows. 
Where’s the hunchback? 
3/ If you love the views from the Shard, you’ll love the views from the Eiffel Tower. Check out the whole of the city in one go, from a windy platform 300m above the ground. 
Ahhh the Eiffel Tower
4/ How about modern art? Do you love checking out the Tate Modern on South Bank? If so, you’ll love the Centre Georges Pompidou with it’s cinema, bookshop and modern art exhibition (photos here
Centre Georges Pompidou
5/ Check out the bridges across the River Seine, and enjoy the views just like you would in the big smoke. Unlike London though, love lock bridge is a pretty incredible site with romantics locking their love together forever across this bridge for decades. 

Locks on Lovelock Bridge
Entrance to the Louvre at dusk

Lee & I 

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