The 12 stages to secret and surprising theatre

In an unfortunate scenario the other week I lost my iPhone, however after a successful eBay bargaining session I do have a new one on the way. This however will explain the lack of photos / quality photos in this post – however once you read on, you’ll understand why I’m now saying – it’s better there aren’t that many, surprises a plenty.

Here’s what happened to myself, and three friends two Thursday’s ago:
1/ The night before my new manager at work text me asking if I wanted tickets for a secret theatre event – I said yes please!
2/ I recruited two friends and a boyfriend to attend with me.
3/ We had no idea what to expect but using the instructions provided, headed to Haggerston where we said a secret password to enter a door with a red curtain.
4/ Upon arrival we were greeted by a very spanish, camp and tall man with HUGE leopard print heels on.
5/ In a bar, which had a very predominant taxidermy tiger in the centre, we hung our coats and donned masks.
6/ One of the Private Member’s club hostess girls came to speak to us, asking our names and claiming that she never ever got to see the show as it was always so popular…
7/ Just after, a girl begging for change was ushered out of the bar, and much to our confusion and surprise sneaked off down a back entrance.
8/ Whilst drinking beers, we explored 4 floors of rooms with taxidermy like you’ve never seen before (see some example picture below), wondering what on earth was going on, and it wasn’t until we heard screams downstairs we were to find out…
9/ A man covered in “blood” and two “detectives” were arguing in the middle of the crowd of people, we were soon ushered downstairs and seated on steps and staging. That’s when the real drama began…
10/ There was anxious conversations, raised voices, a plot line we couldn’t just quite follow at this point and then people in the audience became actors.. !?!
11/ Next we were taken upstairs to the rooms there was more confusion, our hostess girl was now part of the play. We soon saw the clue written out for us “gluttony”.. things were starting to make a little more sense now as the plot developed.
12/ I don’t want to give anything else away, but it was a fantastic play, and reminded me of the outdoor, move around to different sets, kind of theatre I used to go to with my family when I was younger. It was great to be part of the plot and have characters who were at one point watching with you, to then be part of the story.
Having not booked the tickets myself, and luckily received them off my manager, I have done research into what this Secret Theatre malarky is all about, and found this website  where you can sign up to find out about tickets and their secret locations!
Have you ever been to a secret theatre event?


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