Writers block & nearly 3,000 hits on YouTube

I always see on Twitter, bloggers who say that they don’t blog unless they’ve got something to say. Yet those who earn a living blogging, surely have writers block sometimes?! I guess it’s just a case of planning and motivation. This past few weeks I feel I’ve had nothing to say, which is unusual for a chatterbox like myself; but as a good blogger knows, there’s no point in writing something you’re not proud of.

With work being pretty hectic following my week off, and also requiring my writing skills for reports and articles, I’ve had little motivation to share my birthday adventures, show my countryside photos from the trip Lakes and comment on the election as my sister did

However my busy time at work has led to some exciting projects, one in particular I’d like to share. In my new role, the majority of the responsibility lies in content creation and employee engagement for my internal audience across 17, 000 UK employees at IBM.

I’ve been writing and sharing tips with others, tweeting from a new Twitter account and more recently learning video creation skills, in both content creation and editing. This new found expertise led to me to be suggested as the video editor for a project the LGBT community at IBM were/are working on called “Holding Hands for Equality”. With an external friend they have been promoting how important it is to be able to hold hands with the one you love without the fear of being judged in public – something that many gay or lesbian people do fear in certain cities and countries around the world. 

The campaign had then brought together IBMers, along with their friends and family from around the world in a collection of photographs (over 90) that showcased loved ones holding hands in nearly 30 different countries! My job was to edit them all together to demonstrate the love across the world. 
The next challenge was for my colleague Vince, who was keen to get the rights for Jess Glynne’s “Hold my Hand” song in time for IDAHOBIT (International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia) on Sunday 17th May. This meant that my deadline was close of business Friday 15th. 
No pressure then, eek!
Over the weekend before I taught myself how to edit photos together on Adobe Premier Pro. After a couple of busy days doing other pieces of work, I sat down with Vince (co-lead for the UK EAGLE group in IBM) and James (the comms manager). We worked out a structure, a plan and I got to work editing the 90 photos and over 25 flags, with 6 facts about LGBT hate crimes and problems into a video that would move, inspire and educate our audiences. 
A few late nights in the office later, and we had a masterpiece with record company approval for posting on YouTube on the 17th May. Vince, James and Stephanie (the other Co-lead along with Vince) were over the moon. Andy Cast (HH4E campaign leader) was touched by my efforts and the finished piece too, much to my delight. I shared it with friends and colleagues and was overwhelmed by the incredibly complimentary feedback I received and those people we have touched with the message. 
I think ultimately the combination of the range of photos, countries and the song was what made the video. I’m so proud to be part of the project and supporting the team who feel so passionately about raising this awareness, due to some of their previous experiences. Everyone should be free to love who they wish and this video really demonstrates the love between people no matter where they are and who they’re holding hands with, be it a man or a woman. 

I hope you can hold your loved ones hand in public and I hope you enjoy the video below! 

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