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I wrote a piece of communications last week and received some feedback from a very experienced writer / editor. I wrote the piece again; cut it down by about half. Following feedback, I wrote it again. I was fortunate to then talk through the changes and I took some notes on the points we discussed. The piece I wrote was a blog, so here are the key points of feedback that could help you too.

Companies are third person singular. I find this hard when writing, usually using ‘their’ when talking about IBM, I was wrong, it’s always ‘its’. 

– In conversational style blogs, don’t use language that you wouldn’t use in a conversation, i.e. formal sentences. And, (much to my horror) I have learnt it’s actually ok to start a sentence with ‘and’, shocking I know. 

– Always, if possible, print your work out to proof read. We weren’t designed to read things on screens, it’s much more accurate to review things on paper. 

Avoid repetition, but don’t go crazy for alternatives. Try restructuring the phrase to see if you could avoid using that particular word altogether. In the piece I wrote, I had used the word ‘experience’ about 10 times, there was a definite requirement to remove some of those.

As and when I receive more advice and coaching on my writing I’ll share what I’ve learnt. I’ve recently asked to give some communications workshops myself, but I have so much to learn – so keep an eye out for more tips! 

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  1. July 21, 2015 / 9:22 pm

    This is a really helpful post šŸ™‚
    And, as and English grad, being told you can start a sentence with 'and' baffled me when I went to high school as teachers are dead against it in primary lol.

    Sarah x

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