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It’s great to see that the Independent is digitalising their articles from the 90s, I found one whilst researching the Firestation following a meal there on Sunday afternoon to celebrate it reopening today after a major refurb. Myself and the girls went down having been invited for a family and friends day via a friend of Sarah’s; Alex.

In 1994, Daisy Waugh talks about the Firestation as being in one of the most depressing areas of London. I’m guessing it was much different back then (21years ago?!), as now Waterloo area and the South Bank are lively and busy no matter which time of the year you come. Despite travelling on the sweaty Northern Line tube every day in order to get there for work, I am very much proud and grateful to work in such a fun area.
I visited this pub/bar during 2011 whilst working in London the first time around for drinks. There was a noisy atmosphere and I vaguely remember ordering a standard style pub platter with onion rings and the like, with a dipping pot of badly served soured cream.
Since my second stint in London from 2013 to date, the Firestation hasn’t been on my radar at all; not until Sunday. Since closing at some point in 2014, it’s been refurbished and the menu drastically cut down to serve just burgers, pizza, cocktails, ales and ciders. In previous reviews, diners talked about the large airy room, due to it’s fire station history causing your words to bounce all around. Waugh talks about no menus on tables, but the food lists only written on blackboards around the room; she actually ordered Mussels back in 1994.
21 years later I chose the Pear Fizz cocktail, which came in a tall glass, a combination of Absolut Pear Vodka, pear purée, lemon juice, sugar syrup and Prosecco – it was delicious. Other treats that arrived at our table were the Blackberry and Cucumber Smash, Blueberry Julep and East 8 Old Up.


Next up came the burgers and pizza. Served in a similar style to those in today’s popular burger bars; on a metal tray and wrapped in a paper. To be more specific I ordered: Maple Glazed Bacon – 6 oz dry aged beef patty, maple-glazed thick cut bacon, cheese, American mustard mayo, sliced beef tomato, little gem along with a side of mixed fries. LOVE being able to have both fries and the sweet potato ones too! The pizza was thin, with plenty of meaty toppings and a crispy, olive oily crust.


I was surprised when looking at the menu that it was just pizza and burgers, however they did both very well. There was a range of table styles and the service was good. A big thanks to Alex to sorted us out there for the afternoon!
Chocolate Brownie for desert
This is definitely looking to be a place that sounds out for good food and drink, for meeting friends or colleagues with the convenience of the station just next door. A cracking burger, which I would definitely recommend to friends. See the full menu here –>

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