Wimbledon 2015

Such an exciting match this afternoon, between Federer and Djokovic and with the latter winning his 3rd Wimbledon title. I’m so sad that following today’s play The Championships have come to an end. I’ve had such a  fantastic time working on the social media side of things at work, and having been lucky enough to visit SW19 with Abby, I’ve got a few photos to share.
Abby and I at the gates of Wimbledon


Some of the sweets we had at the Punnet meetings!
I wanted to share some of the work the Punnet team and I have been doing; below is an article I wrote for digital doughnut, a community of digital marketers, sharing their ideas and best practice.
We’ve learnt a lot, and every day have been documenting our learnings in an internal blog, within which I have been creating short “Punnet Ponderings” videos, with many of the Punnet members going in front of the camera for the first time.
We’ve been tweeting, replying to tweets, creating blogs and engaging with influencers who have been sharing their experiences of our technology with their followers and communities. It is these influential people who are proactively sharing our message on our behalf, because they think our technology and work with Wimbledon is fantastic. So here’s to another great year onsite at SW19, can’t wait for next year – bring it on!
“The Punnet”, Delivering Juicy Content For Wimbledon Fans
In 2014 The Wimbledon Championships had over 1 billion television views and 63 million visits to Wimbledon.com. From 1990 to 2014 over 46 million Wimbledon data points were recorded and used in analytics and match reports for players, coaches and of course, fans.

Those recorded data points provide information for the site and to broadcasters, allowing The All England Lawn Tennis Club to provide the best and most engaging, relevant and real-time content on Wimbledon.com. This year the IBM team are ensuring that the data points collected help deliver an experience that is “the next best thing” to being at SW19 across the Wimbledon digital channels. 
As a result of this data availability, social media has become a huge platform for fan engagement for Wimbledon in 2015 and I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in this social media project.

Here are 3 ways we’ve been helping the team at Wimbledon this year on Social Media: 
– In the lead up to the start of The Championships and over the past week, our “pop up” group of marketers, named “The Punnet”, have been using live social listening to see what is being said on social media about the digital experience IBM delivers for Wimbledon. We’ve two engaging apps and an interactive game, www.maketheteam.co.uk, available to Wimbledon fans and we’ve been responding to fans online queries and comments around the apps and the game. 
– On site at Wimbledon and available at “The Punnet” HQ the Social Command Centre is tracking all social media activity around Wimbledon to capture the latest trends and topics of conversation online. The IBM Watson technology is being used to identify milestone competition moments, comparing the data from the day’s play with historical match statistics and then alerting users when there are fascinating match facts. Last week, despite the hot weather, Milos Raonic served the fastest serve of the competition so far, and the third ever fastest serve at Wimbledon, at 145mph. Wimbledon responded quickly on social media, and here in the Punnet we were able to amplify that message straight away. Rapid insights and quick content creation has been key to delivering the best experience for fans across the world on multiple digital platforms. 
– The work IBM is doing with Wimbledon is also being amplified across a range of websites such as marketingweek.com and thetelegraph.co.uk. Via the “Punnet Team” there are subject matter experts engaging with influencers and customers on social media. By listening live to the social media conversations we’ve been able to respond quickly and point people in the direct of relevant content or ask subject matter experts to contact them directly.
There’s a great atmosphere here in the Punnet, discussing and debating topics and issues, working in an agile way and using an internal online community to document everything we have learnt. Plus we’ve see some great engagement in the content we are sharing.
You can check out all the data behind the match, play the game and get involved at #waystowin!

The sign for the longest match ever on court 18.




Murray Mount – busy as ever
Keeping the sun off
The gorgeous flowers all over the SW19 site.



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  1. July 21, 2015 / 9:25 pm

    Fab pics, I've always wanted to go to Wimbledon, it's definitely on my Bucket List.

    Sarah x

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