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The baths

I’ve not really thought about the Romans for a while, but after visiting the Roman baths in Baths on Monday afternoon it got me intrigued again. I had a really cool book when I was learning about the Romans in school which was like a holiday guidebook but for Roman times, sadly I’ve no idea where that went. After a cider and some tapas at the Cosy Club, we headed to the baths for a little history.

Glass of ciderTapas Food


What’s fascinating about the Romans is that they were so ahead of their time, what with underfloor heating, fantastic spas like this one and many items that we would presume to be invented after that, for example safety pins! There is a clever drainage system here and as many people will know, the UK roads slope on either side to ensure good drainage into ditches. Think about US films when there is bad rain… the roads always flood! Many of our key A/B roads across the country follow the same routes that the Romans used.

Here’s a few cool facts I learnt today about the baths, Bill Bryson also gave an interesting commentary via the walkie talkie listening devices too;

The Roman ground level was 4m below modern ground level, which means that the baths in Bath are technically underground.
The earliest known date for the baths is 76AD, which is inscribed in one of the stones.
It is the best preserved thermo-mineral bath in the world.
The water that comes up through the hot spring probably fell as rain water 10,000 years ago, which in perspective makes the Romans look like recent visitors.
In the 1700s someones basement on the site of the spring kept flooding, which was what caused the excavation to find the baths buried below modern ground level.
On the site originally was a Tholos Temple, a circular structure typically found in ancient Greece and Rome, but this was the only one in the UK.

After the 4th Century of the baths having been created, the size of the site was larger than a modern football pitch/stadium.

The main Roman Bath


Lee and I listening to talking guides


My feet on the side of the Bath
Check out the website for more details and visit Bath when you can, it’s a gorgeous city!


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