Things that are amazing all over the world

 As many of you are WELL aware, I went on all my 2015 holidays last month which meant a flurry of blogs with photos of New York and then my travels around Vietnam documented as I went during bus journeys and whilst waiting at airports. 
So, in true travelling style, this post is influenced by all things worldly and some things that are universal across the world but not any less impressive not matter where you go…
1/ Ice Hockey in America – as someone who isn’t the greatest fan of Football but does enjoy the odd rugby game, I was so excited about Ice Hockey. In New York we headed south to Brooklyn and saw the New York Islanders, where we donned blue and orange snap backs and cheered along with the rest of the Monday afternoon fans. So aggressive and so fun!
Ice Hockey
NY Islanders
2/ Amazing views – everyone loves a bar with a view and on both my trips we treated ourselves to a snazzy cocktail and an even snazzier view over NYC and Ho Chi Minh…
Roof top view of the Empire State Building
View from a Rooftop Bar in NYC


View over Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City
3/ Trying new foods – we tried so many new things randomly from street stalls in Vietnam, the best way to do it. They cook all their meals with lots of fresh veg and herbs; they’re key in all the recipes. This beef noodle soup looks and tasted fantastic, one of mine and Rach’s tasty finds off a menu of about 3 items – success!
Beef Noodle Soup
Delicious beef noodle soup
4/ Local transport – travelling isn’t the same without trying out the local boats, trains and metro systems. Quite a variety having travelled from New York to Vietnam, but the concept remains the same…


Local boats in the Mekon Delta
Boats in the Mekon Delta


The Statan Island Ferry
The Satan Island Ferry in NYC
5/ Local markets – LOVE taking photos of market produce, close ups and colours are my favourite..
Orchids in NYC
Orchids in the Grand Central market NYC


New Jersey Tomatoes
New Jersey Tomatoes


Crockery and China in Hoi An
Crockery for sale in Hoi An Market


Green and Red Chilies in Hoi An Market
Chillies in Hoi An Market
6/ Marching Powder – This book is supposedly famous amongst travellers, however I had read it before having borrowed it from Lauren. As my other books had ran out I looked to our latest hostel for inspiration, yet this was the only book in English. An exciting yet shocking story about Thomas McFadden who was imprisoned in the World’s most corrupt prison, San Pedro in La Paz, Bolivia. Read about his mishaps, adventures and crazy parties – all whilst being locked up! See reviews and buy it here.
Marching Powder Book
A fantastic read


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