Remembering, meditating and walking | 6 November Faves

Woaaahh so, erm November went very quickly! Despite having to go straight back to work after what was basically a very lovely month off, the time has flown as we had lots of events at work and I started a diploma in digital marketing. Here’s a few faves from the month just gone…

1/ Remembering – there’s been a lot of thoughtfulness going on this month, not only remembering those that we lost over the past 100 years but also those we’ve lost more recently. As I had headed home for the weekend, I saw the latest installation of poppies “Wave and Weeping Window” at St. George’s Hall. Many were kept back from sales last year and are going to be showcased at select locations around the UK until 2018. There is also a display at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, take a look at this site for more information.  Don’t they look gorgeous though?

Poppies at St. George's Hall Liverpool

My knitted poppy for remembering

2/ Walking – as mentioned in my festive post the other day, Lee and I had a lovely long walk around Richmond Park, deer spotting and chatting. It’s a great contribution to your daily step count, which is data that’s so accessible via Smart Phones these days – really easy way to keep active!

Lee and I in Richmond Park

3/ Meditating – having learnt from my lovely sister a little about mindfulness, I started doing my own research into the art of being mindful, meditating and stress relief. I often find it hard to sleep sometimes with thoughts of the day just gone and day ahead whirling around in my mind. So, to test this out, I purchased a book called Calm, and downloaded it’s complementary app. “The 7 days of calm” introduces you slowly to the idea of meditating and thinking about your breathing – a softly spoken lady guides you through, and despite being recommended for the morning I enjoyed this just before bed and it’s stopped me over thinking when I’m trying to sleep. I would definitely recommend it.

Book about being calm

4/ Pilates – having been told to try pilates for years following my knee incidents I’ve finally started attending classes at my local gym. Another great way to destress in a calm environment and to strengthen your body. An old manager told me it’s a great way to get fantastic abs, so I’m looking forward to that…

5/ Pop Brixton – spent a lovely afternoon with friends Sarah & Phil at Pop Brixton the other Saturday. A great trading area for shops and food to set up with lower rent; the opportunity to get a business started. The area is built up in and around sea shipping containers, with shops, restaurants and bars inside and out. Had some lovely drinks and then headed into Brixton market for some delicious Mexican food mmm.

Pop Brixton in the sunset

6/ Magic and more – some of you may have seen my earlier post on avoiding scams. Alexis Conran attended one of our events at work and showcased some magic during the networking drinks reception. In his earlier talk however, he commented on cyber security and the principals of cons that underpin all scams. In this post from earlier in November you can read about some scams that he did during his time on the show “The Real Hustle” and understand the concepts that con men/women use to get away with scams day to day.

Alexis Conran doing some magic tricks


  1. December 3, 2015 / 10:16 am

    A lovely November šŸ™‚ It seems to have been a very calm and peaceful one for you.
    I was lucky enough to see the Poppies back in October when they were in Ashington – a fabulous sight.

    Best wishes, Danielle xo

  2. December 4, 2015 / 9:51 am

    Thanks Danielle šŸ™‚ yes very calm after my busy October. The poppies are amazing aren't they! xx

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